Light (heat) is easily dispersed when travelling through air, so any little bit of air between the applicator and the skin will affect your results. Especially with dry skin which has lots of tiny air pockets. It also serves to reduce internal reflectance thus increasing the transmittance of your applicator’s light (heat). When applied to the skin it serves as a coupling medium that creates a tight bond between the skin and the applicator letting light (heat) transmit directly to the skin. It also serves to protect both your light guide and most importantly your patient. The “barrier” created by the coupling gel prevents the skin, hair and other particles that may be on the skin to make direct contact with the light guide. The viscosity of your coupling gel is extremely important since it must be able to withstand the heat generated by your applicator and still perform its primary purpose. The weaker the viscosity the quicker it will start to melt away thinning the bond between your applicator and the patient’s skin. This allows air in which increases reflectance ultimately weakening the application strength resulting in poor results; not to mention the risks of burning your patient or damaging your light guide. Minimum application thickness should always be maintained at 3 millimetres (depending on the viscosity) but the more coupling gel you use the better.
Drawing on our collective experience of 14 years working with Intense Pulse Light equipment we decided to have a product formulated specifically for the needs of our Ellipse clients. Over the years we quickly realised that the multitude of different gels being used by our clients created too many individual challenges. Most notably when it came to light guide care and protection. We took it upon ourselves to try to address these challenges since we see each and every Ellipse client as family with only your best interest at heart. The easiest route would have been to import coupling gel directly from Ellipse Denmark but we all know the costs involved so we instead invested a great deal of hours and resources to formulate a product according to specifications using local partners to keep costs down and also contribute to the local economy. We had our fair share of headaches reaching this point but we prevailed and are proud to make this product available to our valued clients.
We kindly request any and all feedback from our Ellipse users; we respect your wealth of experience and know there is always room for improvement. We are honoured to be part of this close knit community!
We are most definitely not done; we have other projects in the pipeline with the focus on lowering operating costs and expanding possibilities for our clients. If you find that we are not up to scratch we kindly urge you get in contact, we are all just human after all.
We are honoured to be part of your Ellipse experience and would like to thank you for your loyal and ongoing support!